Life Design 101 is my newest book. It has exercises and questions that teach you more about yourself and help you reach the right goals. In this blog post you can read how it can help you.

Let’s image you’re about to go out for dinner. First you think what type of food you’re in the mood for, then you explore the options, and finally you pick the place you like best. In total you spend around five minutes to work out where you want to go. Spending five minutes on this seems like a legitimate thing to do, because it determines where you’ll be for the next two hours.

In this example, you spend almost 5% of your time to figure out how to spend the remaining 95%. That seems reasonable. But we only tend to do this for relatively small decisions in our lives, like what we want to do tonight or where we want to go for our next holiday. If you did the same for your career, you would spend 4,000 hours throughout your entire life thinking about in what direction you want it to go (assuming you work 80,000 hours in total).
When it comes to major decisions that set the direction for the rest of our lives, we often just go with the flow and see what happens. Thinking deep about where you are now and where you want to go is difficult. That is why most of us just live on autopilot when it comes to big life decisions. But without thinking about it, time will fly by, life will simply stay the same, and in ten to twenty years you will regret all the things you never even attempted. My new workbook Life Design 101 will allow you to think, take control, and become the pilot of your own life.

Life Design 101 is a practical guide that helps you to design your life. Not the type of guide that explores all possible directions you can go into. It doesn’t have any hacks or shortcuts. Just the right questions and models that enable you to learn more about yourself and structure the key aspects of your life. It brings together the best from the worlds of business and self-development.

The term 101 implies that the book is an introduction into Life Design. This is partly true. The guide is written as a workbook, with an simple setup and clear steps that will take you through the process of structuring your life. But don’t fool yourself. The setup may be simple, but the questions and exercises are not.

You will get to know yourself better by going through this guide. After finishing it, you have your own framework that will help you to set, keep track, and reach the right goals. A framework that you can use to structure to rest of your life. Sounds like a good investment of your time, right?

Go to this page to download a free PDF version of the book. Make sure to print it, follow the steps, think deeply, and enjoy the process of designing your life.