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Warning: The following has nothing to do with the Inspiration Pub. I just wanted to create a page for an exciting new project and decided to use my already existing website for it :).

My grandpa was a well-known and highly respected pigeon breeder. He passed away 30 years ago, but the descendants of his pigeons are still being used to breed some of the best racing pigeons all over the world.

I have recently decided to follow his footsteps. Well, sort of… Because I’m breeding horses instead. And what’s more? They are digital horses, from a game called Zed Run, built on blockchain technology. Each horse is an NFT and can be used for real money races. 

Breeding digital horses is amazing. There’s no need to wake up every day at 5am to clean horse shit from the stable. And I don’t have to travel for days for an international sale like my dad used to do for my grandfather’s pigeons back in the day. What a time to be alive! There are some links on the bottom of this page if you’re new to Zed and want to learn more.

About Blackjack Breeding
My stable of digital horses is called Blackjack Breeding. Blackjack is not just a game of chance. It’s a game that combines chance, skill, and numbers. Just like breeding. With horses, you need both strong genes and some luck to breed a good racer.

Breeding digital horses is complicated. No one has cracked the Zed Run breeding code and no one ever will. The same two horses can produce both a fantastic racer and a horse that will never win a race (a so-called ‘donkey’). The only way to find out is to race the horse and see how it actually performs on the tracks.

So you need a little bit of luck. At Blackjack Breeding, we have created a stable with carefully selected horses, based on the blood line and performance of their ancestors. This way we significantly increase the chances of being lucky and producing strong racers.

Meet the horses
All horses in the Blackjack Breeding stable are Legendary Finneys, which produce the best value for money foals. There’s one stallion (male) and three fillies (females).

Hold the phone

Horse Blackjack BreedingKing of the Blackjack Breeding stable, with his rare Rosy Brown coat. You won’t find Finneys with better blood than this beauty. His Z2 Nakamoto father is an absolute monster on the tracks. Time to use these genes to breed some new beasts!   More info

Misty maxima

Horse Blackjack BreedingEvery king needs a queen. This Z7 Finney with a super rare Stronghold Ivory coat is named after the queen of the Netherlands. Her father is a Z2 Nakamoto racer. Misty Maximas offspring will be 50% Naka and 50% Finney!   More info

Chief executive

We need more female CEOs. This lady has a Szabo father with some insane speed. Her mother has also produced some amazing racers before. The offspring of Chief Executive will have both Naka and Szabo blood from her grandfathers!   More info


Horse Blackjack BreedingNamed after my mother, sister, and the longest reigning sovereign that the Netherlands ever had. A pure-blood Finney, whos offspring will be Z21 (Blackjack baby). Make sure to check out her father, who is on fireee all the time!   More info

Selling horses
Each filly can be used for breeding once a month. This means that at Blackjack Breeding we can breed three foals per month. The foals are usually sold unnamed and unraced. Unraced horses are often referred to as lottery tickets, because you don’t know how fast the horse will turn out to be until you race it. Thanks to the genetics of their ancestors, the horses at Blackjack Breeding give you much better odds of having a winning lottery ticket.

Most of the foals are being sold on the open market. You can send me a message on Twitter (@BlackjackHorses), Discord (Wouter#9030), or by email ( if you want to make a deal before they hit the market. You can also contact me for any other questions or if you just want to chat about digital horses or other interesting NFT projects.

More information
If you’re new to Zed Run and want to learn more, you can check out the following links:

For more information about me and what this Inspiration Pub website is normally used for, you can check out this page.

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